Things have been a little bit crazy around here lately…
…but then, love is like that—isn’t it? And it’s Disruptive Playtime!

It’s been a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like . . . woof! Working the manuscript into its final and fun-tastic format, the one you deserve. Because, well, love. And folks…it’s done!

Good stuff for you, crazy for me. Good stuff for you. crazy for me. Good stuff for you, crazy . . .

…so hang in there with me (and yeah, my little friends pictured above) as we give the reviewers a few months to say something wonderful (good stuff for them, crazy for me, good stuff for them, crazy…). You can pre-order the Kindle Edition here. Print and digital editions will be available in the Fall.

And it gets realer and realer…

Preorder Kindle Edition. Print & ebook coming soon.

But before you go…

…you may want to know what I mean by Disruptive Play.

Original Play is the frolic and noncompetitive play that animals and human babies do in order to have fun and to keep on playing…not to win or to lose. It is a substance of the universe that occurs in all life. It is the behavior by which love and belonging are expressed, given, and received.

When play moves into contest or other roles and rules, with winners and losers, it becomes Cultural Play. Issues of ego and narcissism are issues for Cultural Play, not for Original Play.

Disruptive Play occurs in the rare times when the rhythms of Original Play suddenly appear in a political or cultural setting, settings conventionally fraught with Cultural Play. Like driving a clown car across the field during an official NFL game. Or Raven tricking Chief into releasing the sun, the moon, and the stars into the sky. Or a surreptitious Banksy graffiti that invades a museum or the public commons. Tricking power into performing an act of love.

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