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    I like the concept of juxtaposing The (Grateful) Dead with The Beatles, as they certainly hail from the same era, but of course The (Rolling) Stones are far more associated with the Fab Four. And musically, of course, the latter two have more in common. My first thought upon seeing “Dead Beatles” was, “Oh, does this refer to the fact that musically they’re pass√©? No – they’re not! Or to the two bands? Yes, but I didn’t get the separation; I’d probably insert a “/” and for me personally (just being honest) Dylan and a host of others are more interesting; while I like(d) some of The Dead’s songs, I was never passionate about their voice. Now give me Stevie Wonder, The Mammas and the Pappas, Credence, Pink Floyd, The Who or Who-ever, and I’m there. Just sayin’ I wanted to put my two cents in and you got three (cents.) Enjoy!

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