I’ll BET You’ve Been Wondering…

when IS that book Shepherd Siegel’s been yammering on about, Disruptive Play, EVER going to come out?

Okay, maybe you’ve had A FEW OTHER THINGS on your mind . . . but, well, take a big bite!

Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture WILL be available this fall. IN September…

Right soon, but only occasionally, you’ll hear from me again, and I’ll tell you a bit more, and then more, about Disruptive Play. Like this:

Disruptive Play asks and answers three BIG questions:
1. What is Play? Specifically, Original Play, the kind of frolic, rough & tumble, noncompetitive Original Play that shows up all over the world, in all life forms.

2. Who are the grownups who have retained that ability to be playful the way they were as very very young children?

3. And what happens when that kind of a grownup gets involved in the worlds of politics and culture?

NEXT TIME you see me…things won’t be the same.*

They never are. But in Disruptive Play I put my all into providing you ways to engage change. Answers that deliver understanding and hope, however slim, for a really cool future. Until then, YOU are on the list of the FIRST TO KNOW!

In the meantime, I’ll have just 20 pre-release copies available for review, so IF YOU ARE A REVIEWER (and by that I mean someone whose book reviews are published, or you have or contribute to a blog that carries your book reviews), please reply to me, and I’ll get one to you. Otherwise, make some room in your fall schedule to read the book I wrote with YOU in mind…

Respectfully, indubitably, inconveniently, and TRANSCENDENTALLY yours,

Shepherd Siegel, PhD

* “Next Time You See Me” is a blues song recorded in 1956 by Junior Parker (as “Little Junior Parker” as he was then known). In 1953, he recorded the original version of “Mystery Train” which would be a huge hit for Elvis Presley in 1955. Both versions were produced by Sun Records’ Sam Phillips.

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