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It’s not about playing to win, it’s about playing in order to keep on playing.

There’s still…TIME!…to check out Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture. Author Shepherd Siegel is getting his new book, Tricking Power into Performing Acts of Love, ready for publication. Until then, you can check him out in this 8 minute interview on 3 Minutes with Shepherd Siegel [there we go with that TIME! thing again.]

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Praise for Shepherd Siegel’s
Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture

A historically panoramic examination of human playfulness as a naturally healthy and politically subversive force…. Siegel’s thesis is philosophically provocative and original…. combines intellectual rigor with a bracing optimism—he believes the history of disruptive playfulness provides empirical reasons to believe in its sociopolitical power.

—Kirkus Reviews


…a beautiful integration of scholarship and passionate advocacy….Siegel both defines and extolls…“disruptive play” with stirring descriptions of the victories and defeats of tricksters in history….Siegel helps us understand the critically important contribution that seemingly unproductive play makes to building successful movements to save our world from the insanity of the all-pervasive status quo assumptions. Even more compelling is Siegel’s discussion of contemporary cultural phenomena such as…Burning Man…political tricksters like the Yes Men who challenged the complacency of HUD officials after Hurricane Katrina, and popular culture anti-heroes like The Simpsons.

—Mike Rotkin, UC Santa Cruz, former Mayor of Santa Cruz


Shepherd Siegel is looking at play in a very serious way. This book may tell us more about how to break down limitations and open creativity than all the gobbledygook self-help tomes of the past decade.”

—Tom Long, The Detroit News


Siegel’s writing bursts with color and life…. [Disruptive Play] brings up examples ranging from the Dadaist art of the early 20thcentury to Bugs Bunny to the famed street artist Banksy. All…offer visions of a future where silliness and culture-jamming help level the playing field, toppling the power structures of our stodgy modern society.

—Robert Ham, The Seattle Times


Sometimes play can disrupt how people see the world.

—Jackson Fackler, 8 years old


From the anti-war art of dada to the wit, wisdom and shenanigans of Lisa and Bart Simpson, Dr. Siegel reminds us that the play of art is always a play against power. This book is a timely and irresistible story about what play is and why artistically, politically and culturally, we should play more.”

—Dr. Michael Vicente Perez, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, The University of Memphis


Somebody once said, “The beginnings of wisdom is a firm grasp of the obvious.” That’s what came to mind as I learned about Shepherd Siegel’s Disruptive Play, an in-depth look at the power of play. Or maybe this work should be viewed, not as an historical review, but more as a DIY on play as an antidote to domination. Check it out, you might just see the forest.”

—Dan Barrett, Co-Creator & founder of Navigation 101, a high school guidance & counseling program


I was in a better mood after I finished reading Disruptive Play. I remembered there was a way to approach life that was based around joy and pleasure, rather than fear and drudgery. And that’s a good thing!

—Alex Marshall, author of How Cities Work, The Surprising Design of Market Economies and Beneath the Metropolis; columnist for Governing magazine


Disruptive Play: The Trickster in Politics and Culture is my book that takes the reader on a journey from some of the ancient folkloric appearances of the Trickster as Raven and Èṣù-Elegba; to his confined role in Western civilization’s literature and mythologies; Trickster’s 20th century jailbreak led by dada and the hippies; and finally to the potential for this spirit to inform social progress in the 21st century, whether by The Yes Men, Banksy, Bugs Bunny, or other as yet unrevealed mischief-makers and culture jammers. Such play illuminates the path to a transformed society. Its tales make the case for play as a revolutionary act.

If you are examining whatever progress the human condition is making and searching for ways to engage the irrationality of our times, you will enthusiastically grasp and be motivated by the insights of Disruptive Play and its hopes for a future that incarnates a more playful reality.

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