It’s Shaping Up to Be a Great MLB Playoff Season


My home team, the Seattle Mariners, avoided relegation and made their best effort in years at making the postseason. They hold the record for the longest postseason drought of ANY North American professional sports team. Go M’s! They exited at the right time as the Angels played spoilers, leaving with their dignity intact and their prospects for next year excellent! The epic BoSox/Yankees (bye bye Bombers) Wild Card was secured that night regardless. This year, the postseason started with Game #162…very cool that every MLB game started at the same time last Sunday.

ICYMI, the purpose of life on Earth is to enjoy San Francisco Giants’ victories. Aside from that, I’m completely unbiased. Except that I look forward to the Dodgers and Yankees seeing each other in hell. Derek Jeter and Dave Roberts may be excused.

But Dadgummit!! The Cards almost pulled off a Wild Card upset and I was already predicting that the Giants would take the Cards in four (they would!). But in the immortal words of John Carpenter describing the horror of the Dodgers . . . THEY LIVE!*

Chris Taylor the Giants Slayer put an end to the Cardinals’ valiant effort. There were rumors that the Mariners were going to trade to get him back earlier in the season. Which would have been a double helping of good fortune for this Young Rascal.

Oh well. NLDS prediction: Giants in Five. Nails, prepare to be bitten!

WE LIVE! Viva Los Gigantes!!! The Yankees are in Purgatory, putting out crumpets and petit fours in preparation for the Dodgers’ arrival. Dispatch said Dodgers with haste! No! wait! Do it vewy, vewy cafully.

Ignominy and failure will be suffered offline and in private. Victories celebrated HERE!


Dr. Uncle Shepherd “Dogfriend” Siegel


*In this 1988 documentary, the ruling class is revealed to be made up of aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to consume, breed, and conform to the status quo via subliminal messages in mass media.

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